Bowling Green, OH

Myles Pizza Pub

Being that Bowling Green is a college town you know they are going to have some exceedingly good pizza. Myles is no exception, they are overly generous with the toppings, including the gooey perfectly golden brown cheese. Each slice is enormous and 2 can make a very filling meal keep in mind you will want room for the garlic bread which is also covered in cheese.

516 E Wooster St, Bowling Green, OH 43402

(419) 352-1504

Reverend's Bar and Grill

One of the best places in the area to stop in for a bite to eat. They have an expansive menu from deep fried bacon served with country gravy for dipping to some of the best burgers you will find anywhere, but they also offer a variety of vegetarian options, even vegans will feel welcome at the good Reverends. Plenty of beer and mixed drink options as well.

130 E Wooster St, Bowling Green, OH 43402

(419) 352-0400

The Stones Throw Tavern

Stone's Throw is not truly an Irish restaurant, but rather a loosely Irish-themed tavern serving pub food and beer. Think of it more as an homage than a replication. The menu does offer some UK specialties, such as Cornish pasties and scotch eggs. Stone's Throw is one of the best places in the area to enjoy a few drinks with friends in a casual and mature atmosphere.

176 E Wooster St, Bowling Green, OH 43402

(419) 354-7474

City Tap and The Attic

With the atmosphere of a bar in Portland City Tap is a new comer to the scene that people flock to. This classy, yet casual bar offers more beers on tap than most people would ever get around to trying. The food selection is about what you would expect though it is pulled off incredibly well with several nice touches across the board, make sure to try the pretzel bun.

110 N Main St, Bowling Green, OH 43402

(419) 352-0090

El Zarape

Not the place to come if you seek authentic Mexican dishes, but in terms of the standard Tex-Mex that we as Americans are used to this is far and away the best option in the area. Their starter chips and salsa are amazing, though I'd love to see them add another dip to this starter as some other places have began to do. We food is quality and the price is good.

1616 E Wooster St #1, Bowling Green, OH 43402

(419) 353-0937